Did you recently find out that your partner is pregnant? Are you feeling anxious? Frustrated? Full of questions? No matter what you’re feeling, your experience is understandable and valid.

At Safe Harbor, we’re here for you. We offer no-cost support services for men, such as fatherhood mentoring classes and peer counseling.

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My Partner Is Pregnant. What Should I Do?

Finding out your partner is unexpectedly pregnant can be scary. Pregnancy can feel like a mountain suddenly blocking your path when pregnancy isn’t in your plans.

But when you work with your partner and sort through your feelings with people you trust, your worries, fears, and anxieties will lessen. And what you thought was a mountain will become an opportunity on the horizon.

First things first, though. If your partner recently told you she’s pregnant, the most important thing you can do is offer your support.

Whatever you’re feeling, she’s likely feeling it one hundred times more since the responsibility about how to move forward is ultimately her choice to make.

No matter whether you plan on staying together or not, you can show your support in the following ways:

  • Actively listen. Your partner needs someone to talk to right now, and you can listen the best since you understand what she’s going through. When your partner shares her feelings, you can demonstrate that you’re actively listening by looking into her eyes and not being distracted (by a phone, TV, etc.). You can also ask her follow-up questions that encourage her to go deeper.
  • Help her get what she needs. Your partner will likely have many appointments coming up, and maybe she’ll be craving certain foods or need specific medications, vitamins, etc. You can help her in this effort by attending appointments with her and running errands for her.
  • Share your feelings without making her feel pressured. Your feelings are valid, and you play an essential role in this pregnancy. However, if your partner feels pressured into making a pregnancy decision that she disagrees with, she’s more likely to experience mental health complications like depression and anxiety.

What If I Don’t Agree With My Partner’s Pregnancy Decision?

You and your partner might disagree on how to proceed with the pregnancy. And you both likely have specific reasons for wanting to make a certain pregnancy decision.

Both of your feelings are understandable, but it’s important to keep in mind that the pregnancy decision is ultimately your partner’s choice to make.

However, this doesn’t mean you should keep your feelings bottled up. Instead, it can be helpful for you and your partner to share your feelings with a neutral third party.

At Safe Harbor, we offer no-cost options counseling appointments. During this time, you two will meet with a peer counselor who will provide you both with medically accurate information about each pregnancy option.

Then, you will both be given the space to ask questions and work through your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental space.

Sometimes, learning more and having the opportunity to talk will help you and your partner find a middle ground and understand each other’s perspectives.

You and your partner aren’t alone in this. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost, confidential appointment.