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In November 2018, an undecided client visited Safe Harbor for the first time. With one small child at home, she struggled to see how she would care for herself and her children. She experienced postpartum depression during her first pregnancy, which made her decision even more difficult. She was unsure of how she would handle the weight of pregnancy along with parenting and maintaining mental health. Despite her concerns, at the end of her visit, she made the decision to keep her baby.

In December, she shared that she still had mixed feelings about her pregnancy, but she was preparing to share the news with her extended family and confront those in her life who may be abortion-minded. Meanwhile, her close family who already knows is becoming increasingly supportive.

In March, the client shared positive news in an excited tone. “I’m doing great! I’m excited about my little baby!” she shared. The client was five months pregnant at this time.

Lastly, the client shared her excitement via text message in the most recent check-in in July:

“Hey! I’m doing great. Baby will be here Monday. I’m so excited about this journey and happy to see my baby boy soon. Thank you guys for your support in helping me see that the Lord had so much more in store for me and him. If possible I would love to send you guys a picture of him when he is born.”

The check-ins with this sweet mama are just one example of the hopefulness in a seemingly hopeless situation. When she found out she was pregnant, she was unsure of how she could possibly keep her baby. She was scared and unsure of how her family would react. She was unsure of how she would cope with the weight of pregnancy and parenting, along with maintaining good mental health.

But she didn’t have to do it alone.

She shared her concerns and struggles and accepted the help that was offered to her. She sought free pregnancy testing and counseling. Together with her family and with those at Safe Harbor, she was able to make an educated decision that led to her keeping her baby. She was able to make a decision that led her to keeping her baby and becoming not just accepting of her situation, but excited about this new life!

In the course of her pregnancy, she moved from fearful to excited, from feeling hopeless to being so very hopeful for her new role as a mother of two.