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My name is Abby and this is my story. Over a year ago, I found out I was four weeks pregnant. I felt shocked, scared and a lot of shame. My dad is in ministry in Selma, a small town. I was still dealing with the reality of what happened and thinking of raising a child felt too overwhelming to even consider. I was fifteen. My parents went with me to Safe Harbor the next day. We all were crying. It was a very difficult time for my whole family.  I always knew abortion wouldn’t be my choice, but I didn’t know how I would raise a child.

Safe Harbor helped me work through huge decisions. I got to see my baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound machine and I felt so much love for her. I wanted the best for her and needed to really pray and think through what that would look like for my baby. Safe Harbor provided resources about adoption and I even got to speak to a woman whose mother choose to give her up for adoption and that she understood it was out of love for her. They helped me see it was possible to raise a child, even at a young age, with help from my family.

The women who work there made me feel loved and supported. They really ministered to my mom and dad too. I am very thankful. God gave me a small group of faithful friends, my extended family and so many people that love Jesus to help heal me. God used this time to change my heart toward Him.

I truly believe that although my future looks a lot different, it is better now with my beautiful daughter, Ruby in it. I got my GED this past August and will start community college this coming Spring. I have realized I don’t have to give up on any dreams, just work a little harder. Having a daughter has made me think harder about my future.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is so scary, but there are resources to help make life-impacting decisions. I know the desire to keep it hidden because of shame or fear, but I also know that I am so glad on this side of it that I had help during that time! My counselor told me ” we only regret decisions made out of fear, but never out of love”. I have never regretted keeping my baby. I hope God can use me one day to speak truth and love to others facing scary choices.